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Can a Boxer Live Outside?


Physical Reasons

**Unless you live in an area with absolute perfect weather, outdoor living is not for the Boxer. Being exposed to the outside temperatures for an extended time is very unhealthy.

The structure of the Boxer muzzle does not allow for optimum body cooling. Therefore, this breed is not able to handle hot weather for any longer than a 20 or 30 minute walk.

**Whether sun or shade, the Boxer will not be able to keep its internal body temperature regulated properly if left outside in hot weather.

Behavioral Reasons

** The boxer needs a daily schedule that he can depend on. This includes waking time, walks, play time and resting time with the family. Left outside, the boxer would not have these important parts of a structured day.

** Interaction with family members.

If someone wants a dog, they should want that dog to be a part of the family.

If so, the boxer should be treated as such. If you would not leave your uncle, cousin, brother or daughter outside all day, then you should not leave your boxer there either.

Your boxer needs to have the socialization and interaction with humans, each day, throughout the day, in order to understand what type of behavior is acceptable and what type of behavior is not acceptable.

Leaving the boxer outside all day will certainly end with a dog who has no idea as to how to behave. The dog will bark, suffer from loneliness and boredom, may try to escape, and have no concept of commands.

Health Reasons

Spending some time outside is healthy and feels great. The sun feels nice as it shines down and the fresh breezes can feel wonderful! However, leaving your boxer outside all day can do so much to damage their bodies…

** Mosquitoes—these pesky bugs can bring disease and worms to your boxer most noted- heartworm. 

** Ticks—the longer your boxer is left outside, the larger the chance that a tick is going to find them.

** Sunburn—not only do sunburns increase the risk of a dog developing canine skin cancer, sunburns can be brutal on a dog. The boxer’s face and tummy are most prone. Boxers who are exercised in the sun should have their nose and tummy protected with sunscreen.

**Heatstroke-this can be fatal to dogs.

In Summary

A boxer, when well taken care of, is a part of the family. To enjoy the wonderful companionship of a dog and take advantage of all the joy that having a dog can bring to you, the boxer must be treated as a real part of the family.

Therefore, it is to no one’s benefit to make your boxer live outside!!

Hard Working Boxers!!